Product Announcement – Lipo-bond

Dear Team Herbalife,

Thank you for your continued effort and commitment in driving the business forward; particularly in promoting the many benefits of the recently launched Multi Fibre Drink. This product is selling well and is a testament to the months of work with the leaders in your market, to ensure we provide you, our Independent Herbalife Members, with the highest quality and most effective products that we can.

It’s with this in mind that I write to you today about Lipobond. We have been analysing the Targeted Nutrition category and developing strategies to effectively manage our product portfolio, which includes developing new science-backed products such as Multi Fibre Drink that fit your Member Initiatives, and retiring low selling SKUs that no longer fit strategies moving forward.

In the case of Lipobond, we believe its benefits are superseded by Multi Fibre. While both contribute to the recommended daily fibre intake and help to support healthy digestion*, Multi Fibre Drink provides more than twice the fibre content of Lipobond as well as more fibre sources and both types of beneficial fibre (insoluble and soluble fibres). Combined with its great taste and option as a Formula 1 add-on, Multi Fibre has become the more straightforward product addition for consumers. As a company, we are dedicated to helping you to grow your business; providing you with high-quality products suited to the current market and reducing unnecessary product competition within our portfolio. We have therefore decided to discontinue the sales of Lipobond, once stocks run out.

All of us at Team Herbalife will continue to support you and your team’s efforts on aggressively growing the Targeted Nutrition category by focusing on new and innovative products that give you the best opportunity to succeed. Embracing the notion of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, we look forward to continuing to “build it better” with you.

Very truly yours,

Luigi Gratton

VP, Worldwide Product Marketing


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