Dear Member,

Thank you for your continued effort and commitment in driving the business forward. I want to share with you that we are currently analysing the Targeted Nutrition category and developing strategies to effectively manage our product portfolio. This includes introducing products that fit your Member Initiatives, innovative new products based on science/clinical studies and retiring low selling SKUs that no longer fit strategies moving forward.

Today, I am writing to you about Herbal Complex. Due to raw material issues on the lead ingredient and the lack of solid claims driven by an evolving regulatory environment in the EMEA region, it has become extremely challenging to justify the value of this product in our portfolio. We have carefully monitored various markets where the product has been out of stock for several months, and did not register any decline in total Herbalife sales.

As a company, we would like to spend resources on products which have maximum opportunity potential and the product no longer meets this parameter. We have therefore decided to discontinue the sales of Herbal Complex, estimated mid April 2016 dependent on stock availability.

All of us at Team Herbalife will continue to support you and your team’s efforts on aggressively growing the Targeted Nutrition category incrementally by focusing on new and innovative products that make strategic sense and give you the best opportunity to succeed. Embracing the notion of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, we look forward to keeping you apprised on the evolution of the Targeted Nutrition range, as we continue to “build it better” with you.

Very truly yours,

Martin Bartlett
VP, Finance & Operations – EMEA

Thomas Harms
VP Sales & Marketing,
Business Development and
Member Services,EMEA


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